Building America's Foundation

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America's Foundation

Our endeavor is to foster College Education and Home Ownership for the poor, the distressed and the underprivileged through raising funds to pay down mortgage and student loan debt

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Building America's Foundation is the non-profit organization College students and Homeowners have been waiting for. Our fundraising utilizes the "Crowd-Funding" concept to allow people to make small donations, such as in amounts of $3-5 - the price of a cup of coffee. Funds raised can add up quickly and significantly when hundreds to thousands of people donate.


1,000 supporters * $3 = $3000

10,000 supporters * $3 = $30,000

100,000 supporters * $3 = $300,000

We aim to raise donations of up to $250,000 toward mortgage principal balances or student loans. Only through reducing or paying off student loans and mortgage balances can we help re-establish North America's Economic Foundation.

People can donate through Amazon or by sending a check made payable to "Building America's Foundation". In order to apply, please select the appropriate link Mortgage balance or Student loan. Let's make every cent count.